Thursday, November 1, 2007

Links of value

Do investors have anything to fear from sovereign wealth funds?

An interview with Vitaliy N. Katsenelson, author of Active Value Investing.

Previously unpublished shareholder letters from Warren Buffett from 1973 and 1976.

The good old days of bank stocks investing.

Erin Burnett interviews legendary Tiger Fund Management founder Julian Robertson.

Is the yen headed higher?

Value Investor haven analyzes Harvest Natural Resources.

Is the Fed done cutting rates?

ConsumerSearch rates the online brokerages.

What Stanley O'Neal's replacement at Merrill Lynch must do?

Is fear driving the prices of oil and gold?

Wave goodbye to the private equity boom?

America, the land of the cheap?

John Mauldin's take on structured investment vehicles.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb explains the black swan.

Smart Money interviews Marty Whitman.

A Ron Paul speech from last year about the death of the dollar.

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