Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is the worst over for the banks and brokers?

I see the fat yields. Citigroup(C) is yielding 5.70%. So is Bank of America(BAC). I don't think so. I'm still staying away from bank/brokerage stocks. Citigroup has said that they aren't expecting the messed to be cleaned up until the middle of next year. Shares are at a 4-year low.
I think that there are a lot more writedowns in the offing. Stan O'Neal and Chuck Prince paid the price not so much for individual incompetence, but because the mortgage-backed security trade went bad for their banks. Goldman Sachs is the only one of these banks that has bounced back significantly from the August lows and woes. I would liket to see more disclosures before I plunk down my money in this sector. Although I agree with Bill Miller that this is a great opportunity to pick up great companies for fire sale prices, I think that he is still very early. I will keep shorting these stocks.

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