Friday, November 21, 2008

Top 10 stupid things you'll hear on CNBC

Let me first acknowledge a debt that investors owe to CNBC. Since it's launch in 1989, it has provided up to the minute business news and commentary. It has several international versions if you want to follow markets outside the United States. It provides a valuable service that makes following the market easier. That said...

The financial media might be the most biased, most dependent on the industry it covers, of all media. Consequently, their coverage of business is rarely if at all hard-hitting or critical. It is only after the fact, that they become incensed, as if they were betrayed(by their masters).

1. This is a stockpicker's market.
2. Are we seeing capitulation?
3. This stock has a great chart.
4. Don't fight the tape.
5. There's a lot cash on the sidelines.
6. Is now a good time to put money to work?
7. This market is looking for leadership.
8. The market rose on bargain-hunting/The market fell on profit-taking.
9. We may retest the ______ lows
10. _________ is being caused by the selling or buying of big hedge fund X.

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