Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Correction in Commodities?

Yes. It's hear. It's not the first and it wont' be the last. The secular bull market isn't over though. How will we know when it's over? When everyone believes that commodities are the place to put your money. Try to remember back to 1999, 2000, and even 2001. Everyone still thought names like JDSU, CSCO,and MSFT would go up forever. We aren't close to that yet when it comes to commodities. I'm going to take this opportunity to pick up some great stocks at great prices. This is what my watchlist looks like right now.

RIG: P/E of 7
XOM: P/E of 10
EXM: P/E of 5
FCX: P/E of 10
COP: P/E of 7

Two names that are non-commodity related that I'm buying are MO and its spinoff PM. The former has a P/E of 4 while the over is trading at a P/E of 1. Yes, 1!. Philip Morris has been on the greatest American stocks of all time and I can't get it for next to nothing.

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