Monday, August 17, 2009

Great day for investing

Indexes all over the world all down. The S&P 500 is off 2.25%. The FTSE is off 1.5%. The Shanghai Composite Index is down nearly 6%. The Nikkei is down over 3%. In fact, I can't find a major market index that is up today. I love it! This gives me a great opportunity to get in at really attractive prices. I'm going to stock up on Chinese stocks. I'm going to shove banks and insurance companies into my shopping cart. I feel like Nic Cage when he's shopping for liquor in Leaving Las Vegas.

It's days like these when real money is made. You won't know it until year down the road, but you'll be so grateful if you just made into the mass and start buying. I like CAF, CNO, and C at these prices.

Panic is an opportunity.

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