Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Buffett's buys

These lists appear every quarter on investing websites, no doubt culled a lowly staffer burning the midnight oil, scouring the EDGAR database. Despite how much you might appreciate their efforts, ignore the info. It's not that helpful to know what Berkshire Hathaway bought after the fact. You'd want to know beforehand. What would be even more exciting would be knowing what is Mr Buffett's personal brokerage account, outside of Berkshire shares. I know that 99% of his networth is in Berkshire shares, but I imagine that he invests somewhat differently for just himself than for his shareholders. After all, he's dealing with a smaller sum, so he can buy all sorts of interesting, smaller stocks that he can't for Berkshire.

In others news, I was in the elevator at work and this index, the Tomo 300 flashed on the screen. It's an index that attempts to capture the value of intellectual property. Has anyone ever heard it referred to previously? I know that it's very new(it debuted in mid-December '06), but I can't think of ever hearing about it on Bloomberg or CNBC. There apparently are a few Claymore ETFs that license it and trade on the AMEX. The holdings are really all over the place: energy, telco, materials, consumer staples.

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