Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Finding the Next Starbucks

I know. This is a book about growth investing and I'm a value investor. Still, Michael Moe's book, has good lessons for investors of all stripes. Michael Moe also have a great website that accompanies the book and provides in depth interviews with some of the greatest investors, venture capitalists,and captains of industry. Michael Moe is a veteran equity analyst who currently heads his own shop, ThinkEquity Partners. His claim to fame is that he was early in predicting the amazing success that Starbucks would have, thus the title of the book.

The part of the book that will be of most use to value investors are the chapters that deal with megatrends and how they currently affect and will affect various industries in the future. As a value investor, it's very important to me to find a business will be effectively protected form such changes or only changed very little. Failing that, I want to at least align myself with these secular changes. The book does a very good job of providing examples of both public and private companies that will play a part in shaping and benefitting form these trends.

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